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Keeping you up to date with current affairs, legislation changes and simply day to day life in the Dordogne

A neighbour has only 5 years to complain about a neighbourhood disturbance

When a neighbour experiences an abnormal neighbourhood disorder, he or she must complain within 5 years of the first signs of the disorder. After that, it will be too late.   When a neighbour creates an abnormal neighbourhood disorder, the person who suffers it must complain about it within a maximum of five years. After […]

Visit with children : Château de Bridoire

The sunny days are coming and the little ones want to start dreaming and having fun outdoors….   Why not take a tour of the magnificent Château de Bridoire : a beautiful visit with games for both young and old. A real moment of relaxation with the family !   And for the more adventurous, […]

New decoration for the summer !

Failing to stop the rain, Arcad’ Immo tried to bring the long-awaited sun and summer… with pretty flowers on the windows and inside… All the girls worked hard and are happy with the result… Feel free to tell us what you think if you pass by. See you soon!