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Why relocating without notifying in advance your landlord, is a bad idea

Why relocating without notifying in advance your landlord, is a bad idea

A tenant had left without giving notice or returning the keys to his landlord. Squatters had since moved in and degraded the property, which is therefore the responsibility of the former tenant.

A tenant must not leave the premises without taking a minimum of precautions to leave in good condition. He would incur liability if strangers came, and degraded the property, explained the Court of Cassation.
The Court case instigated by owner whose tenant had left  « just disappeared « , without giving notice or return of the keys. This owner having found the premises opened and damaged by strangers, asked that the tenant assumes the restoration. Because the tenant was still assumed to be in the property, it must be therefore the tenants responsibility for any damage that occurred during the time of his possession of the premises, he said.

Good condition expected

The tenant only responds to the damage he is responsible for, replied the latter. He pointed out that no entrance inventory had been established, so that the condition of the premises on his arrival was unknown. In addition, the damage was obviously the result of vandals who had entered the empty premises, observed this tenant.


The court concluded in favor of the owner, based on the general principles of renting laid down by the civil code. If there has been no inventory, the tenant is presumed to have received in good condition, and he responds to the damage that occurred during the time of the lease, unless it is proven not to have committed fault.
And by abandoning the premises without securing them, without notice and without handing over the keys, he may have committed a fault rendering him responsible for the damage, even by third parties, explained the Court.
(Cass Civ 3, 25.10.2018, W 16-17.172).

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